17 Word Tips for ’17 for you to look at! From the team at JPL

17 Word Tips for ’17 for you to look at!

17 Word Tips: Word iconAs we step into February, we thought we would send you a list of 17 Word tips for the beginning of this year. Many of you will have been using Word for many years and there have been lots of new features appear over the years.

Hopefully this list of a variety of tips will be helpful to you! From the team at JPL.


17 Word Tips

  1. Selecting text – the “triple click” on a word will highlight the whole paragraph.
  2. Quick Parts – these can be used for short phrases or block text to save time. A common use for this is a signature.
  3. Screenshots allow you to insert parts of an alternative window on a PC into your Word document
  4. The F9 button updates a Table of Contents and Bibliography
  5. To insert a column break, its hidden away in Page Layout, Breaks
  6. Bullet points – most people use the standard dot, but did you know there is a tick bullet point? To create a bullet tick you click on the drop down arrow next to the bullet point button and you can pick it form the list
  7. To insert a text Watermark into a document, choose Page Layout Tab or Design Tab depending on the version of Word
  8. Try Email mail merge marketing from an Excel spreadsheet containing names and email addresses
  9. In Word 2013 you can convert a PDF back in to Word
  10. Creating Autotext in word. If you regularly misspell a word and use an unknown word to Microsoft’s dictionary why not try autotext to create it. Its under File, Options, Proofing.
  11. You can compare (Review Compare) two documents which may contain textual differences and see where they are automatically. It’s an extension of Tracking Changes
  12. I think probably the most powerful feature and well underutilised in word is Styles. Its the foundation for Table of contents, multi levels, indexing and hyperlinking and other features too. It’s found on the Home tab. Particularly good are Heading 1,2,3 etc.
  13. Creating your own Tab and ribbon (this can be used in pretty much all the Microsoft packages). Simply use Customise the Ribbon feature by right clicking on any ribbon and then you can name a Tab and create your own groups for the favourite commands you often use. It’s a great way of keeping all the commands you use a lot in one place.
  14. Format Painter. If you select some text that you want to copy the format of first, you can then click on the format painter button and it will then allow you to format other words the same.
  15. Picture Watermarks. You can also create a picture watermark for your company (Page Layout, Watermark, Picture)
  16. Using the Screen Clipping tool. Insert Screenshot, Screen Clipping will allow you to insert into a document any part of a screen not just the whole screen image. This replaces the Crop tool you used to have to use.
  17. Citations which allows you to reference a book, periodical, journal, web site etc. to the author, year, page number. From these citations, you can automatically build a Bibliography at the end of your document. It’s all in the References Tab.


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