Virtual Intermediate Excel Training Course

Our virtual intermediate Excel training course can be carried out in all versions of Microsoft.

All of our Excel courses are full day courses and they normally run from 9:30am to 4pm. We allow for two coffee breaks and a lunch break throughout the day to break up the course. Although these are our standard timings, we can alter them to fit in with your needs. As well as our standard course agendas we can put together a bespoke agenda to accommodate your training needs. Whichever you require just ask, we’d be happy to help.

Key Content

The key content that is covered in the virtual course can be found below:


  • Charts – chart sheets, formatting and protection
  • Sorting and Custom Lists. Advanced sorting
  • Auto, Custom and Advanced Filtering of a list
  • Subtotalling using command button
  • Complex formulae e.g. IF, Problem Solving
  • Absolute References in formulas. Named cells and Ranges
  • Miscellaneous features remove duplicates, evaluate formulas
  • Formula auditing
  • Multi File linking and consolidation
  • Group sheet selection
  • Locking Cells and password protection
  • Using SUMIF and COUNTIF functions
  • Exercises throughout

Course Objectives

The objective of this course is to equip the trainee with the knowledge of regularly used features in business. Some of the features covered are creating Charts, Sub Totalling, Sorting and Filtering. Trainees will be able to learn and develop skills through the use of problem techniques like relative and absolute referencing and the IF statement. Finally the course will cover the use of multi sheet and workbook summaries.

Comments and Testimonials

Lime Marketing – delivering bespoke training courses for staff

John has delivered Excel, Word and Outlook training to us at Lime Marketing over the last few months, he has trained around 20 employees and has created bespoke courses to suit our time, money and skill requirements. I’m pleased to say that the individual feedback from our team has been brilliant, everyone has come away feeling more confident and knowledgeable, from a business point of view it is fantastic to see employees valuing and enjoying Johns sessions and most importantly using new skills in the workplace. We look forward to continuing to work with John.

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Move With Us testimonial – helping train staff in Excel

I had a workshop session with John on a survey report that was taking a considerable amount of time to complete. John explained to us that if we changed how we were initially setting out the data that the production of reports and pivot tables would be much quicker.

The Excel training we had over the course of the next two days was fantastic. John managed to keep us all focussed, he is a very engaging trainer. We were all eager to get back to our desks and start implementing what we’d learnt to make our report running much more efficient.

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The SL Shop – Training Staff in Microsoft Excel 365

JPL came out to the SL Shop to give us some Excel training, we were blown away at how much we learnt on the intermediate course. What we have learnt is already being put into action throughout the company to streamline our processes. Advanced course booked and we are very excited. Great courses and an even greater teacher, thanks John.

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Shrewsbury Food Hub Testimonial – training those helping their community

Thank you John for an engaging session. It has opened our eyes to many shortcuts and features that will make our working days run smoother.
Being a small charity, we do a lot of data collection and evaluation, to show the impact of our work. John showed us useful ways to record, sort and display our data in Excel. This will save us a lot of time! Thanks John.
A clear, well-structured course that catered for every level of computer literacy!

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Harvey and Brockless – working alongside JPL for training needs

We have worked with John for a number of years now in group environments from basic to masterclass levels, and in 121 sessions tailored around our specific requirements. We’ve seen in this time, our staff grow in confidence and ability through John’s tuition, which has in turn benefitted our company and our staffs’ own development.

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