Self Teach Excel Training Videos Demo

We are now selling ‘Self Teach’ video and Microsoft Excel training packages to run alongside our courses or to be used independently.

These will be contained in easy to use PowerPoint presentations with a video tutorial, exercise and answer sheet per slide. There will be several slides per Excel level. The levels are: basic, intermediate and advanced. An example to illustrate is shown below in the demo videos and exercises.

Once you have watched the tutorials, you can then try out the exercise found below the video (there is a Question sheet which you can try first and then check your ‘Answers’ using the A sheet). To make the video bigger you can click on the ‘YouTube’ text to view the video on YouTube. We hope you enjoy them!

Purchasing Training Levels

If you have found any of the videos above interesting and have left you wanting to learn more about Excel, then why not ask us about purchasing any or all of the levels? If you like the look of the videos but would like a bit more of an in depth learning experiencing then why not ask us about our day courses that we offer?

For more information on these self teach packages or for any information on our day courses, contact John at or on 07903 840105

Basic Excel

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Please see the video below for the tutorial of how to use cell formatting.

Cell Formatting Exercise

Intermediate Excel

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Please see the video below for the tutorial of how to use sorting in Excel.

Sorting Exercise

Advanced Excel

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Please see the video below for the tutorial of how to use CONCATENATE in Excel.

Concatenate Exercise

Comments and Testimonials

MonoSol AF Limited – Helping train staff in Microsoft 365 packages

“We would highly recommend JPL IT Training. We have been using JPL IT Training for several years now and would not consider booking with anyone else.
John and Rachel are excellent trainers and the feedback from employees is always great. They have delivered Excel, Word and Access courses at all levels both face to face and remotely.
The sessions are always interactive and informative, and you leave them knowing much more than you did at the start. In group sessions they have the ability to adapt to each learner and ensure everyone gets the level of attention they need which is important as no one gets left behind”

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Rea Valley Tractors – Excel training courses to enhance staff skills

John delivered the session in a relaxed manner. He ensured that all abilities were catered for and that people were learning at their own pace.
For the employees that needed a little more time, they did not feel pressured to move on and for the employees that were a little more advanced, John demonstrated some great tips and tricks!!
The day sessions were interesting, enjoyable and well planned. We can totally recommend this course and have booked for future intermediate training and an advanced bespoke course.

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Direct Air Testimonial – helping train staff in Microsoft 365 packages

JPL IT Training has provided exceptional remote training for members of our Sales & Marketing team. The team had varying levels of Microsoft knowledge, so the training covered Word, Excel and PowerPoint. All of the team found the courses they attended really useful. As a result they have been implementing key takeaways in their day-to-day work such as shortcuts and formatting tools. The training was 1-2-1 and very flexible to each learners’ requirements. This style was a fantastic method of training for our business. Thank you to John & Rachel!

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Microsoft Office Access – supporting your business development

John worked closely with the office team at Red Hill Christian Centre… as our needs have grown and changed he has trained us to adapt this at each stage.

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Microsoft training experts for you | JPL IT Training Limited

John and Rachel developed some customised training to meet a particular need (computer awareness). I was impressed with the service we received from start to finish, the training met our needs and we had extremely positive feedback from the delegates, in particular about the trainers’ style and delivery.

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