On-Site Microsoft Office Training Courses: Elevate Your Team’s Efficiency

Bespoke Microsoft Office Training Courses for Your Business

In the digital-driven business ecosystem, staying ahead means ensuring your team is proficient with essential tools like Microsoft Office.
At JPL IT Training, we specialise in on-site Microsoft Office training courses designed to boost productivity and streamline communication across your organisation.

Tailored Training to Meet Every Company Requirement

Whether you’re a small local business or a sprawling enterprise, our Microsoft training courses offer a practical and flexible approach to upskilling your employees. We provide:

  • Microsoft Office Courses: Dive into Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and more, with training adapted to your business’s workflow. Our hands-on sessions translate complex tasks into straightforward processes that all of your employees will benefit from.
  • Microsoft Office Training Courses: Comprehensive coverage of the suite to help your team manage, analyse, and present data effectively.

Elevate Your Office Skills


In-Depth Employee Training with Certified Professionals

John Legge
John Legge, our primary Microsoft Office trainer, successfully completed the ‘Preparing to Teach in Lifelong Learning Sector FHEQ Level 4’ qualification through Warwick University. To pass this course you have to be able to display an in-depth understanding of the role of a trainer. As well as being able to demonstrate the ability to teach. This is shown through having to complete and pass a practical assessment by the end of the course.

Rachel Pearson
Rachel Pearson, our second trainer, is HABC certified as a result of successfully passing the ‘HABC Level 3 Award in Education and Training (QCF)’ qualification in Birmingham. To pass this course you have to thoroughly demonstrate an understanding of the role of a trainer. As well as being able to pass a practical assessment of teaching a group of people a topic by the end of the course.

Benefits of Microsoft Office Training Courses For Your Business

Our on-site Microsoft training for employees is designed to be comprehensive, covering all facets of the Microsoft Office suite, including specialised Microsoft Office 365 training courses. Our training development for employees ensures they stay ahead with the latest Microsoft features and best practices.

By engaging with our Microsoft Office training for employees, your business will benefit from:

  • Improved operational efficiency
  • A workforce skilled in data management and analysis
  • Enhanced collaboration and communication within teams
  • Increased self-sufficiency, reducing the need for external support


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A Spectrum of Courses for Every Skill Level

At JPL IT Training, we understand that proficiency in Microsoft Office varies across individuals and roles within a company. That’s why we’ve developed a robust catalogue of courses, each designed to cater to the specific learning stage and pace of your team members. Whether someone is taking their first steps into the Office suite or they’re ready to tackle advanced functionalities, we have a course to match every level of expertise.

Start Your Journey Towards Mastery

Ready to boost your business’s productivity and technical prowess? Our on-site Microsoft Office courses are the key to unlocking your team’s potential. Enquire about our training courses or contact us to discuss how we can tailor a course for your business needs.


What competitive edge can Microsoft Office training give my business?
Microsoft Office training can dramatically increase your team’s productivity, proficiency in data analysis, and ability to communicate effectively, giving your business a noticeable advantage in any industry.


How are the Microsoft training courses structured?
Our courses are modular, ranging from Basic to Master Class level, ensuring that employees of all skill levels can benefit and contribute more significantly to your business’s success.


Can training be tailored to specific departments within my company?
Yes, we offer specialised Microsoft training and development for employees tailored to departmental roles, enhancing the relevance and impact of the training.


Does the training cover the latest Microsoft Office 365 updates?
Absolutely. Our Microsoft Office 365 training courses are continually updated to incorporate the latest tools and features, keeping your team current and well-versed in the latest technological advancements.

The following courses are currently available. Click on a course for a sample agenda:

Basic Access Day 1

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Basic Access Day 2

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Basic Excel

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Intermediate Excel

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Advanced Excel

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Master Class Excel Bronze

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Master Class Excel Silver

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Basic PowerPoint

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Intermediate PowerPoint

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Basic Project

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Intermediate Project

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Basic Word

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Intermediate Word

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Advanced Word

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Comments and Testimonials

Shrewsbury Food Hub Testimonial – training those helping their community

Thank you John for an engaging session. It has opened our eyes to many shortcuts and features that will make our working days run smoother.
Being a small charity, we do a lot of data collection and evaluation, to show the impact of our work. John showed us useful ways to record, sort and display our data in Excel. This will save us a lot of time! Thanks John.
A clear, well-structured course that catered for every level of computer literacy!

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Chamber of Commerce – Excel Training for Forest Garden Group

John delivered the session in a relaxed manner. He ensured that all abilities were catered for and that people were learning at their own pace.
For the employees that needed a little more time, they did not feel pressured to move on and for the employees that were a little more advanced, John demonstrated some great tips and tricks!!
The day sessions were interesting, enjoyable and well planned. We can totally recommend this course and have booked for future intermediate training and an advanced bespoke course.

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Microsoft Office Access – supporting your business development

John worked closely with the office team at Red Hill Christian Centre… as our needs have grown and changed he has trained us to adapt this at each stage.

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Ashorne Hill – Training staff in Excel, Word and PowerPoint

Excellent training delivery, courses being small in numbers worked very well for our staff, giving them time for any additional questions/content.
Smooth process from start to finish and excellent that trainers could provide individual laptops for staff that didn’t have their own.
Very informative training – we like the fact we can keep notes to refer back to while at work

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Harvey and Brockless – working alongside JPL for training needs

We have worked with John for a number of years now in group environments from basic to masterclass levels, and in 121 sessions tailored around our specific requirements. We’ve seen in this time, our staff grow in confidence and ability through John’s tuition, which has in turn benefitted our company and our staffs’ own development.

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