JPL ltd – keeping in touch with us on hints and tips and news!

JPL ltd – the different ways in which you can keep in touch with us on hints and tips and news

Hi everyone, just to let you know that we have all kinds of ways in which you can keep in touch with us, find out any news that we may have or to learn a thing or two through our free hints and tips. The different ways that we have available are listed below:

Facebook – we have a company Facebook page in which we post a link to our latest hints and tips or news of anything that might be happening.

Twitter – John has a Twitter page that he shares links to the latest hints and tips that we have put on the website or if there is any exciting news that we have shared.

LinkedIn – John has a LinkedIn profile but we also have a company page that we share our news and hints and tips too.

Website – our main ‘go to’ place for anything to do with JPL ltd! Our website is where you can find all details about the business, including agendas for all the courses that we offer. There is also a page dedicated to all our news, new and old, and also a page dedicated to a whole catalogue of hints and tips! The hints and tips page has an option that you can filter down and just show certain hints and tips topics to make navigation through them all a bit easier!

You can of course just email us at with any queries or call us on 07903 840105. We always love hearing from people with any thoughts they have about our news or hints and tips or anything else in between! So do feel free to follow any of the different channels above or get in touch with us for a chat!