Microsoft Office course – Top 10 MS Office Tips from JPL!

Microsoft Office course – This week’s Top 10 Microsoft Office Tips!

Having been in business for over 17 years and trained over 7,000 people across the UK and Ireland we are gathering together a list of top ten tips which also create great interest in the courses that we run here at JPL. See below and feel free to add your comments by email to


Top 10 Tips

  1. Excel – Chart Creation – save time in this feature by using the legendary F11 key!
  2. Word – Creating TOC’s – don’t forget the use of Styles and Headings e.g. Heading 1,2,3 throughout your document and then using the F9 key to automatically update your TOC
  3. PowerPoint Present Online (was known as Broadcasting in older versions) – replaces video conferencing for showing your presentations and allows you to present your presentation on an online platform
  4. MS Project – the 3 key factors when setting up a Gantt Chart are auto scheduling, Start date and Set working times and calendars
  5. Advanced Filtering in Excel – reaches parts of data which other filters cannot reach!
  6. Outlook – Categorise in colour all your appointments, meetings to make them stand out clearly in your Outlook Calendar. You can set up categories for different areas of your work, different people, anything you want!
  7. MS Office all modules in 2010 and later – create your own Tab with your favourite command buttons split by gallery or use the QAT to create shortcuts for commands that you use on a regular basis..
  8. Excel sorting – make good use of AZ or ZA buttons and select one cell on column of sort all your data
  9. Word Quick Parts – create your address or disclaimer etc as a Quick Part and then it’s there for all time
  10. Access DB’s – always set up Relationships between Tables

These are just a handful of tips that we cover in all of our courses. Have these wet your appetite to want to learn more? Get in touch to find out how we could help with a Microsoft Office course and help you learn more on


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