Individual courses – how can Excel help you? Ask us at JPL!

Individual courses – how can Excel help you?

individual courses: Excel iconExcel is a Microsoft Office package that a lot people need to know about but dread looking in to learning about as they don’t know where to look! Here at JPL we offer a wide range of levels of courses that you can learn about Excel and how it can be used in your work place!

We also offer a range of hints and tips on our website, which you can see a few of below from our more Advanced Excel courses.


Charting in Excel

Charting in Excel is probably the single most function that has changed through the releases we’ve seen since 2003. It is now incredibly simple to create a chart from a set of data – just make sure you’ve got your Series and Category headings set up correctly and then you can use either the QA button (in 2013) or the legendary F11 button in any release. It’s so easy in 2013 to add titles, data labels and new axes.


Nested Functions in Excel

On our Advanced and Master Class courses in Excel we cover nested functions especially IF, VLOOKUP and ISEROR.

These can be tricky to follow but the golden rule is when building one is firstly to break down the more complicated nested statement into two or three separate cells and get that working before moving on to the nested function.

Examples are below:

=IF(and(b1>c1),”Over budget”,”on budget”) This would say if the value in b1 (Actual spend) is greater than c1 the budget spend then you are over your budget else you are on target.

=vlookup(vlookup(a10,table1,2,false),table2,3,false) This would look up a value in table1 starting with the value in a10 and pick up column 2 exactly and then use this new value as the lookup value to table2 and pick up the 3rd columns value exactly

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