JPL 20th Birthday! Celebrating 20 Years in Business…thank you all!

JPL 20th Birthday! Celebrating reaching a big milestone of 20 years in business

JPL 20th Birthday…”happy birthday to…” I think we will leave it there! As mentioned last month, this year is a big one for all of us here as we celebrate being in business for 20 years!

When John started off the business 20 years ago, he started off with a dream that he had to run his own business and started off not really knowing where it would take him. Now 20 years later the business has developed and changed as computing has changed over the years but it has grown from strength to strength from those early days to where it is today.

Yesterday we all enjoyed a celebration with a lovely group of people at Red Hill Christian Retreat centre, with friends and customers being able to join us in the celebrating with us as well as some faces who have been there supporting us all the way back when John first decided to start up the business!

We all had a lovely time catching up with people and hearing stories and memories that people have of us from over the years. There was lots of laughter and tears of joy through some of the stories told and it was a really nice way to celebrate our big achievement.

So from everyone here, thank you to all who have wished us congratulations in reaching this milestone, we really appreciate it and are grateful for all the support that we have received from you all over the years. It has been great to get to know so many people over the years and build up relationships with our customers and we continue to look forward to developing those friendships over the next years.

From all the team,

John, Dianne and Rachel