Training methods at JPL including our new self teach method!

JPL Training methods: Bespoke training, one-to-one surgery and self teach

We are pleased to announce our range of training methods available to customers and prospects alike.

For many years the traditional method of ‘class room style’ teaching has served the business community well and still does perform that vital role. In particular having a trainer on site answering all kinds of questions and assisting during training is paramount to building confidence and success. We deliver all kinds of courses in this manner and you can click here for more details.

There are also other methods which complement this and here at JPL we have once again risen to the challenge.

We also offer:

  • Bespoke training courses
  • One to one surgery sessions
  • Self teach programmes with video instruction and tailored question and answer sheets

Bespoke training

We can develop courses which contain selected topics from any of our courses and also include data material if required from a customers own data bank.

Surgery type one to one sessions

This is much more like consultancy training but working on an individual basis with staff on their data improving their own use of MS Office in particular Excel.

Self Teach programmes (*New*)

We have developed a series of PowerPoint programmes with video instruction and exercises for Excel. This will be split over 3 levels initially: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. There will be 5 subjects per programme and the idea is that’s very easy for individuals to use as either a refresher to a course they’ve attended already or as a learning vehicle in its own right.

We will be putting demonstrations on to our web site in the following week so watch out for more news on this!

For more information on any of these training delivery methods please contact us on 07903 840105 or at