May 2018 news – what is new for JPL this month: GDPR and Self Teach

May 2018 news –


This month sees GDPR regulation coming in to place. Here at JPL we have always taken how we handle data seriously and have always obtained permission before storing a customers information. However, we took this change as an opportunity to send out emails regarding the free hints and tips emailing list that we hold and whether people still want to receive them. As well as this, we have also emailed customers to check if they still want to keep in touch. We also updated our Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and Cookie Policy which can all be found on our website.

Self Teach Packages

Back in April we mentioned that we were working on something new here at JPL and now we can say that it is live and running! We have put together three Excel self teach packages covering basic, intermediate and advance levels of Excel.  We have a demo page on the website if you would like to have a look at what these ‘Self Teach’ packages contain.

These packages can be used as a top up or refresher for those of you who have been on one of our courses before but have left it a while since the course before looking at the notes again. It can also be good for practising the skills that you learn in the course straight away and have the package to go over the skills and features that you learnt about and want to practice straight away before the knowledge starts becoming less prominent. Finally they can also be used on a individual basis as a good start off on one of the levels if you are unable to attend one of our courses.

If you have any queries about them or are interested in buying them, please feel free to email us at