Information on our Excel Self Teach packages – practising Excel skills

Practise Excel skills in your own office with our Excel self teach packages

We have introduced this year some self teach modules for Excel which would back up the courses staff have been on already, acting as a refresher or indeed act as self training modules in isolation.

Excel is a fundamental package for a lot of businesses, which is often shown by companies using it during interview processes in tests. Excel courses are a great way of learning new skills or developing existing skills and knowledge but sometimes you just need or want a top up. These Excel self teach packages can be used for just that! They can be used by individuals after attending a training course to practice skills learnt or for a few months down the line as a ‘refresher’ on what you learnt during the course to begin with.

The modules are all written within the PowerPoint package and contain 6 slides per module.

These modules are:

  • Basic Excel
  • Intermediate Excel
  • Advanced Excel

The topics in each module are the main ones covered in the courses and simplified for ease of self use. A video sound recording, example and answer is given per topic.

A customer can buy 1, 2 or all 3 modules. We can also bespoke these and build them based on topics chosen by a customer.

The following Excel topics are included per module:


  • SUM formula
  • Conditional formatting
  • Hiding and freezing panes
  • Percentage calculations
  • The QAT
  • Cell formatting


  • Cell referencing
  • Sorting
  • Filtering
  • Data sub totals
  • IF function
  • Multiple sheet calculations


  • Pivot tables
  • VLOOKUP function
  • Data validation
  • Unique list filtering
  • Nested statements
  • Text functions

They are also good value for individuals who want to learn some parts of Excel without the need to attend a full day course.

A simple example of what to expect on a slide can be found on line on our web site on

For more information and pricing on these Excel self teach packages please contact John on 07903 840105 or by email at