Excel training courses offered by JPL – we’re here to help you!

Excel training courses for you to suit your experience in a place near you!

Our indicators show each month that of all the Microsoft Office courses we can run for clients, Excel is always the most popular and is most relevant to the needs of business today.

Like all software it has its place and must be used to suit the purpose so that it supports the business and is understood by all who need to use it.

To this end we have designed a whole series of Excel training courses which we offer in different ways to suit the individual or group.

Here’s a summary of the levels and the ways you can learn Excel with us in the midlands.


  • Basic Excel
  • Intermediate Excel
  • Advanced Excel
  • Master Class Excel – Bronze
  • Master Class Excel – Silver

Ways you can learn with us:

  1. Attend a standard Excel 1 day course off your own site on ours
  2. We come to your premises to deliver the Excel 1 day training course and supply laptops
  3. We offer a self teach set of modules in the first 3 levels of Excel above. These are packages together in PowerPoint slides and all details can be found on our web site link https://www.jplcomputer.co.uk/self-teach/.
  4. Design a bespoke 1 day course from our agendas to create a course that covers topics from different levels of Excel. We can also design a bespoke 1 day course with the 1st half covering topics from our agendas and then the 2nd half to based around your own data that you use in work and how skills learnt in the first session can be applied and improve the data

We deliver these courses in the midlands in Excel across a wide range of businesses. We cater for numbers from 1 to 12.

For more details please contact us on 07903 840105 or email us on johnlegge@jplcomputer.co.uk