Learn Excel – where to start? We might have that answer…

Learn Excel

Have you ever thought “I’d like to learn more about Excel but not known where to start!” – well we may have the answer for you.

To learn Excel is like learning a new foreign language with all those strange terms which only seem to appear in a software product like Excel.

For example, look at these words below you probably thought you knew what they meant…

Ribbon – not a silky bit of material but in Excel a collection of useful commands at the top of the screen
Concatenate – no its not a way your cat cannot digest food but instead a way of joining together cells and text
Pivot Table – not a way of balancing on your dining room furniture but a very useful way of analysing data
Macro – not your mega cheap superstore but a program to save you time running a sequence of commands in Excel

Here at JPL we have built a series of learning options in Excel to suit all kinds of needs. WE understand that what works for one may not work for another.

Traditional courses in a group

  • Attend a 1 day course as part of a group from your company and learn Excel together in a relaxed environment at one of 5 different levels

Individual Excel learning on your own data

  • We often go on site to a client and spend time individually with staff looking at their own data spreadsheets and seek with them to improve efficiency as well as introducing new techniques to simplify what they do

Individual self teach Excel and refresher modules post attendance on a course

  • We have designed a simple to use suite of modules covering basic, intermediate and advanced Excel functions which form part of our standard training. These slides in PowerPoint contain a video recording of a function, an exercise to try and an answer sheet. These are 6 topics per module but we can bespoke them to suit as well

Bespoke Excel training

  • Build your own requirements from the many topics we offer from our courses to include our and your own data

80% of what we do as a business revolves around teaching Excel to a whole range of people from very basic to super advanced programmers.

There’s a course for you!

Look here at our Microsoft Office Packages or our Self Teach demo page, both found on our website.

If you want to know more about what we offer in Excel, feel free to contact John on 07903 840105 or email at johnlegge@jplcomputer.co.uk