Classroom based Excel courses – a speciality we offer here at JPL

Classroom based Excel courses

“I expected a tedious day watching PowerPoint presentation”.

“So you don’t demo, we actually do all day long?”

“Learning by doing – love it!”.

“That was refreshing, interactive and fun”.

“The interactive format of the course has been brilliant in helping me apply the content of the course”.

These are just some of the types of comments we regularly receive from our satisfied customers who have attended a course with us.

For some of our trainees this is the first experience of sitting in a classroom teaching environment since school so we aim to make it positive and enjoyable as we think that is the best environment to learn in!

So what are the benefits of attending an interactive hands on classroom based Excel courses?

Here’s some of the advantages that we’ve put together:

  1. Learn at the same pace as your colleagues in the room
  2. Opportunity to ask questions to clarify a topic, exercise or exampleClassroom based Excel courses - ABC on blackboard
  3. Have the benefit of a trainer and ‘next door neighbour’ in the classroom to assist
  4. Each person has individual laptops and notes to refer to during the course and to take away with them after
  5. Chance to explore with several exercises on each Excel topic
  6. Breaks away from the screen to relax or ask individual questions of the trainer
  7. Space and time to try out new skills in a structured and relaxed environment
  8. We don’t allow more than 1.5 hours of teaching without a break

All our class training courses can contain numbers ranging from 2 to 10. We recommend around 6 for an optimum learning experience as this allows for questions to be asked and answered as well as the opportunity for individual help and guidance to be given.

For more details of our class room based Excel courses please see our website or email us at for any queries.