AFH Group Basic Excel 2016 course comments from attendees

Basic Excel 2016 –

Comments from attendees on a Basic Excel 2016 course run on their premises:

“Very thorough and personalised to our nature of work. Best part of the course: individual exercises – helps with memory retention”.

“Very informative and friendly. Best part of the course: absolute references information and friendly presentation style”.

“Very good, easy to understand. Best part of the course: the teaching approach”.

“John teaches at an appropriate rate and level, he is friendly and approachable. Best part of the course: re-learning tasks that will now be appropriate in my role”.

“Best part of the course: a great foundation, learnt a lot of new detail”.

“I felt the pace was good, step by step was great. Best part of the course: doing activities myself so that I can learn by doing”.

“Really interactive and detailed. Best part of the course: constant re-addressing of learning to help remember”.

– Lily, Ethan, Joseph, Heather, Ian, Lorraine and Stephanie