BODMAS test – do you know what the answer is to it? Let us know

BODMAS Test – have you seen this ‘test’ and tried it out? Take a look below

Many of you might have seen this ‘BODMAS test’ on social media or some of you might not! It has divided people everywhere up into groups as to what their answer was for the last line.

Have you tried it? What do you think the answer is?

Here at JPL we thought this was a great ‘test’. We also liked how it covers a topic in our Basic Excel course which looks at a concept called BODMAS. You may know the concept of BODMAS from your days back at school in the maths classroom.. This concept dictates the order in which calculations are performed in an Excel formula.

Although it might not apply to your work regularly, BODMAS is an important concept to know about in Excel. It is important to remember that Excel is a program and so it carries out calculations based on how it was programmed to do so.

Let us know what you think the answer is to the BODMAS test! If you are unsure and need a bit of help, that is fine! Look back over our hints and tips for a bit of guidance in what BODMAS means if you’re unsure.

We have done a few BODMAS hints and tips over the years as this is sometimes a topic that attendees on our Basic course struggle with, so if you feel like you fall into this category then why not take a look at the hints and tips on it? Or if you are still unsure, then get in touch for details on our Basic Excel course, we’d be happy to help you with your Excel training needs.


As well as Excel hints and tips, we have a wide range of hints and tips on the other Microsoft Office packages, just take a look at our hints and tips page to find more!


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