JPL IT Training Ltd – Response to Coronavirus/Covid-19

Our JPL IT Training Ltd Response to Coronavirus/Covid-19

As we’re sure most of you are aware of the current situation in the news around the world regarding Coronavirus/Covid-19, here at JPL IT Training Ltd we thought we would just let you know what steps we are taking to minimise the risks to our employees, suppliers and clients, caused by the spread of Coronavirus/Covid-19.

When we carry out our training on our laptops we always have done and continue to clean them down before and after use in the training course.

We will only be carrying out training if we and your staff are well and we do ask that you inform us of anyone booked onto the course who isn’t feeling well before the course. In that case we can discuss alternative arrangements for training.

We are also looking into offering support and training remotely for new bookings if desired; if you urgently require support or training but do not want the training carried out in person then we can look into ways in which we can help and support you in this way.

As with everyone else, we all continue to follow best practices and guidelines to minimise the potential spread of the virus. We currently do not know of any risk or of any instances in our area of work and location of our offices of the Coronavirus/Covid-19 and so these steps are more as a precaution.

John Legge
Managing Director