Changing Excel Chart Types – changing types, styles and location

Changing Excel chart types, styles and location – how do I do this? Watch the video to learn more

Changing Excel chart types: Excel iconThis week’s hint and tip is about how to change the type, style and location of your chart within Excel. These are on our Intermediate Excel training course and they cover where all of these options are found and how to use them. We are going to go through it now below.


Changing the type of your chart

Firstly make sure that you have your chart selected. This will bring up the Chart Design Tab up at the top of your screen. On the ribbon there will be a button on the right hand side called ‘Change Chart Type’. This is the button you need for changing the type of your chart. When you click onto this button a pop up window will appear with all the chart types available for you to choose from. Select the one that you want and click OK and it will have changed your chart to that type.


Changing the style of your chart

Same again as before, make sure you have your chart selected to begin with. Make sure you are on the Chart Design Tab found up at the top of the screen. The biggest part of this ribbon is the Chart Styles section which you will be able to see, this is how you change the style. There are a wide variety of built in chart styles for you to choose from, if you hover over one it will give you a preview. You can also manually change the style of your chart but it will take a lot longer.


Changing the location of your chart

This option again is found on the Chart Design Tab which comes up when you select your chart. On the far right hand side of the ribbon there is a button called ‘Move Chart Location’. Clicking on this button gives you two options, to have your chart in a new worksheet or to have it as an object in a pre-existing worksheet. You can then choose which you require for the chart you have selected.


The video below shows you how to change the type, style and also location of your chart. These three options are very useful to have when creating your charts as they give you flexibility in its appearance.

Take a look below at the video to find out more and then try it out on your own computer!

We hope you have enjoyed this hint and tip on changing Excel chart types, styles and location. Why not take a look at our previous one on inserting chart elements in Excel?