July 2020 news update on what is happening at JPL

July 2020 News Update from JPL – what’s new at JPL HQ…

This month’s news blog focusses on some of the work we’ve been doing since lockdown in March.

For 3 months we’ve not been back on client’s site but kept in regular contact through email, phone and by sending out hints and tips.

We’ve updated our website with lots of hints and tips blogs and links to YouTube videos. If you haven’t yet subscribed to our YouTube channel please click on this link to do so. We upload new videos 2-3 times a month but there is already a whole list you can look at.

The hints and tips blogs are written to complement our courses or even give you a preview of newer features just released in Office. You can find all of these by clicking here. All of these hints and tips are also shared on our Linkedin pages.

New Courses

We have written 3 new courses ideal for being delivered by Webex in a remote training layout:

  • Excel hints and Tips
  • Word Hints and Tips
  • Developing a PowerPoint presentation in 2 hours

These are all short sessions which can work better for some as you do not need to allow a whole day off for it. If you would like to know more about these courses this link gives more details.

Some of the customers we’ve run remote training and consultancy for over the last 3 months include:

As things begin to change, we will be back to carrying out training and consultancy on clients sites again. However the remote training and consultancy will still be on offer for any who require this method of learning.

For more details please send an email to johnlegge@jplcomputer.co.uk or phone 07903 840105.