Word Useful Features Part 1 – have you heard of or used these before?

Word useful features part 1 – do you know any of them? Watch the video to learn more

Word useful features part 1: Word iconThis week’s hint and tip is on Word useful features part 1. In part 1 we are covering the increase/decrease font size buttons, the change case button and the format painter button. Some of these are covered in our Basic Word training course but not all not are, so we decided to do a hint and tip on them. We are going to go through them now below.


Increase/decrease font size buttons

This button is found on the Home Tab in the Font gallery. It is also found in the small toolbar that appears when you highlight text. These buttons increase and decrease the size of font that is selected up and down the font size list. They are very useful if you want to quickly see the difference between two font sizes.


Change case button

This button is also found on the Home Tab in the Font gallery. This button is very useful and can be a very powerful tool especially when mistakes are made. Gone are the days when you would hit the Caps Lock key by accident and find a paragraph later you have to delete it and start again. The change case button allows you to change the case of the text in your document. So no deleting and starting again!


Format painter button

The format painter button is a great time saver when it comes to the format of text in a document. This button allows you to copy format of text in your document and then ‘paint’ it onto other text. Single clicking on the button will paint it once, double clicking allows you to paint until you turn it off.


The video below shows you how to use all of these little useful features in your Word documents. These features might appear small but there will come times where they might just be what you need!

Take a look below at the video to find out more and then try them out on your own computer!

We hope you have enjoyed this hint and tip on part 1 of useful features in Word. Why not take a look at our previous video hint and tip on input message boxes in Excel?