“Now I see you, now I don’t!” A look at how Covid has changed training…

A news summary from John on how things have changed for us here at JPL

Here at JPL we have carried out training for coming up to 25 years now! Over that time things have changed considerably, mainly in the area of technology itself. When John started out training smartphones weren’t on the scene!

Change is good as it is how things develop and build over time, however some change can be a bit unexpected. This year has definitely been ‘one for the books’ as some might say, and there has certainly been lots of change.

All of our training has normally been carried out face-to-face in training or board rooms. When March came, this training style was no longer feasible and so change had to happen fast! Virtual training suddenly went from being more alien like to the ‘norm’ for us as it was the only method training could be carried out in.

As well as our trainer, John is also the IT trainer for the H&W Chamber of Commerce. Since March, he has continued to carry out training on their behalf virtually and will continue to do so in the future. John has wrote about his experience this year in their members news section on their website which you can read here.

As things have changed this year, they will no doubt continue to change as we go into next year. Training will carry on but maybe slightly differently to how most people might think it will carry out. Although face-to-face training will come back, virtual training will still be around as it might be easier for some.

Throughout all of this time, we hope that you have all been ok and have kept safe and well. We look forward to seeing you again soon either in person or virtually.