November 2020 news – New banner from Blackberry Design for JPL

November 2020 news – a new banner to help with our virtual training

Since the first lockdown began, here at JPL we have been carrying out virtual training from our offices! John has been carrying out training from his office whereas Rachel had to convert her dining room into a training room for the occasion!

As virtual training will carry on for the foreseeable future, we decided that a purchase was needed. Many of you might have been on a course with John and seen the shelves behind him during training. Even though this is fine, we thought it would be nice to have a kind of ‘backdrop’ to cover it up.

This is where our friends at Blackberry Design came to the rescue!November 2020 news: Blackberry Design logo


Blackberry Design

Here at JPL we have used Blackberry Design for our design needs going back to when we started the business! They have designed and created our stationery over all these years and have redesigned our logo too. So when we wanted to get a banner created, there was no one else we were going to go to!

Together John and Rachel came up with a rough idea of what they wanted and the talented team at Blackberry turned it into something amazing! Not only did they come up with a backdrop for us, they gave us the idea of having it as a banner so that it has a dual function! John can now use it in the office as well as taking it with him to expos!

From start to finish Anthony and Rhys were great at getting back to us with any queries. When we had concerns that we would miss the delivery, they offered to have it delivered to themselves instead. This wasn’t an issue in the end as it was delivered in amazing time!

If you are in need of any help for design needs for your business, look no further than Blackberry Design!

Have a look at John and Rachel with the banner below!

November 2020 news: banner image