Allelys – Bespoke Basic Computer Literacy Course Comments

Bespoke Basic Computer Literacy 365 –

Comments on a bespoke basic computer literacy 365 course run on their premises:

“My manager and myself have been speaking to Paul and John and thought it would be a good to send a bit of praise and positive feedback to your trainer Rachel.

Rachel was really friendly and arrived on time as discussed. She followed our COVID-19 site requirements which is great.

After speaking with John and Paul yesterday and them telling us how much they learned and the positive feedback of Rachel and the course contents was brilliant.

These two managers giving great feedback on a course which was built entirely for them that is “outside of their comfort zone” is unheard of to be honest (I don’t ever recall in my time here this has ever happened with these 2 managers) which in turn has represented your company brilliantly well.

If we ever need any more computer courses booking in the future I know who I will be booking with that’s for sure.

Please pass on my sincere thanks to Rachel for completing the training session for our guys (I feel for her as these guys have virtually no computer skills.) Her guidance given in the session yesterday was invaluable.

– Paul