Our 2021 JPL YouTube Channel Summary! Thank you for your support

Here’s the summary of how our YouTube channel did throughout 2021

JPL YouTube Summary image 1

Here at JPL we create hints and tips and put them on our website for people to learn from.

Some of them are just text based, but after a request was put to us for videos, we started to create some video posts too!

As the popularity of these video hints and tips grew, we decided to put together a YouTube Channel to host all of these videos in an easier to view way.

That channel has grown as the years have gone on and last year was the biggest growth for us so far!

As it has grown so much last year, we thought we would share the 2021 JPL YouTube channel summary with you.

As a smaller family run business we truly appreciate all the support from our customers and last year was no exception to that!

After such a rocky and unknown year in 2020, 2021 was still trying at times but there was a small amount of ‘normality’ that returned and it was lovely to start to be able to see customers again and get back to training more regularly!




So a huge thank you to all our customers new and old for all the support in 2021. We hope you all enjoyed the hints and tips and we look forward to sharing more with you in 2022!


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