2023 News – Some News From the Team at JPL!

New Customers, a YouTube Subscriber Milestone and an Excel Hint and Tip!


New Customers

This year has flown by and lots has happened here at JPL!

We’ve continued to carry out training for lots of our existing customers throughout the year but we have also gained quite a few new customers this year!

Some of the new ones that we have had the pleasure of training staff for are Trent and Dove Housing Ltd, Brusco Food Group, Akrivia, Cala Management and MP Filtri UK Ltd.

It has been lovely to train some new staff at these companies, but also having the opportunity to see some of the staff more than once as they have completed more than one level of course with us!


2023 news: subscriber news image

YouTube Milestone

A big milestone for us recently was hitting 300 subscribers on our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much to everyone who has subscribed to it, as a smaller family run business we really appreciate all the support and are so pleased that so many of you enjoy the hints and tips!


An Excel Hint and Tip

Speaking of hints and tips. A little one that we have mentioned in a previous post but a lot of attendees enjoy on our courses is the Alt+Enter key shortcut!

This shortcut in Excel allows you to drop down a line within a cell in Excel. So rather than having all your text on one line, you can use this shortcut to spread your text out across lines within the cell!

So a reminder of that tip is – the ‘Alt’ and the ‘Enter’ key, pressing these together (Alt+Enter) allows you to go down another line within a cell in Excel.