Trent and Dove – Advanced Excel 365 course comments

Advanced Excel 365 –

Comments from attendees on an Advanced Excel 365 course run on their premises:

“Best part of the course: John interacts with the group and ensures everyone has understood before moving on”

“Brilliant trainer. Best part of the course: Very interactive and informative”

“John is one of the most amazing trainers I’ve ever encountered. Best part of the course: how interactive it is and the delivery method”

“Best part of the course: the way in which John delivers the training is brilliant”

“Best part of the course: the exercises”

“Best part of the course: engaging trainer and materials make it easy to look back on”

“Course delivered to an excellent standard, well done :). Best part of the course: all very interesting, learned a lot and trainer John made the course interesting and fun”

“Best part of the course: working through the different formula options, relative and absolute. Training was perfect, very engaging and a great tutor”

“John is engaging and manages the room well, keeping to time. Best part of the course: macros”

– Paula, Naeem, Raluca, Nichola, Allison, Courtney, Samantha, Sarah and Emma