Advanced Excel 2013 Comments – AFH Wealth Management

Advanced Excel 2013 comments –

Comments from attendees on an Advanced Excel 2013 course run on their premises:

“Good interaction to help understanding. Best part of the course: macros was interesting, as well as pivot tables, whatif and vlookup”.

“Very good trainer, friendly chap. Best part of the course: good pacing, approachable trainer, mix of exercises and tuition”.

“Best part of the course: revisiting vlookups, pivot tables and basic macros. Also learning about IF function in more detail”.

“Excellent training method and patient tutor. Best part of the course: learning about the tables, pivot table and macros was useful”.

“Best part of the course: pivot tables, filtering and TRIM as they are all relevant to my work”.

“Best part of the course: being walked through everything on screen”.

“Best part of the course: pivot tables and slicers”.

– Miles, James, Diana, Carmen, Sofie-Lee, Andrew and Elinor