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When you are starting off writing an Access database the temptation is to launch straight into it. My advice is to start off with a large white piece of flip chart paper and map out all your data tables with their fields and relationships on it. This will really help you to focus on the data which is most important and where fields should be stored.

A lot of people approach using Access like they do with Excel, “I’ll jump straight in and pick it all up as I go along I’m sure?”. They load up the package like they would do Excel and think that they will be able to start using it straight away. However that is not necessarily how Access works, you have to create data tables with fields and relationships before you can utilise Access to create Queries or Reports.


Top five tips for creating a database

  • Map out your data tables on paper first (this can help you visualise what you want to achieve)
  • Don’t duplicate data fields other than the primary keys where necessary
  • Test out using data table entry first before creating forms
  • Introduce some simple queries to test out the relationships
  • Always involve your customers from the start – never develop in isolation

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