Excel Courses – an ‘Excellent’ way to build on your Excel knowledge

Excel Courses

Excel is definitely a really useful package, we could even say that it appears to be the most popular one to use out of the Microsoft Office packages (except maybe Outlook, as it is sometimes used as a mailing package for a business).

Excel courses continue to be the bedrock of our core business. We have developed a whole range of courses to enable staff to progress through the levels of Excel starting with Basic and going all the way up!

Here’s a summary of what’s in each Excel course:

Customer Comments

Here are some comments off staff who’ve been on our excel courses (there are lots more on our website that you can view here):

“Best part of the course: Use of F11 button. John was helpful and made everything easy to understand”.

“John as a trainer has been patient, thorough and extremely knowledgeable! Best part of the course: the speed was suitable for all levels of people in the group”.

“Very accommodating and well explained. Very patient and coherent. Best part of the course: formulas and linking workbooks”.

Hints and Tips

We also provide a blog of hints and tips which we update 1-2 times on average a month. There are a lot of Excel hints and tips on the website alongside hints and tips about the other Microsoft Office packages. Take a look here at the website to take a look.

We can also bespoke i.e. build a course specially for you from existing course material – just ask us! We can also deliver courses using your own data as well as ours. If you wish to ask about bespoke courses or any of or other courses, please email johnlegge@jplcomputer.co.uk.

We wish you every success this year and look forward to hearing from you soon!

The team at JPL IT Training Limited