Excel training providers – news from JPL on 2018 courses

Excel training providers – JPL News Blog from 2018 courses

In 2018 we once again had a very busy year delivering courses of which 92% were Excel based. This was no surprise to us as this tends to be the case every year!

Excel is such a valuable package for companies that it tends to be the main module from all the other modules in the Microsoft Office package that employers want training for their staff. The Excel training for their staff is sought after to help improve and build on their knowledge of Excel to aid them in their daily jobs. As well as helping at work though, the Excel training will help the staff overall with their knowledge of the package that they could then use at home too.

We’ve produced 3 simple charts (In Excel of course) to show the split by: (just click on each chart to view a larger version of it)

  • County
  • Module
  • Level of Excel

Most of the training courses were carried out in groups of between 2 and 10 but we also delivered some 1 to 1 training as well.

There were also a selection of courses which were bespoked to the requirements of our customers too.

All our content of the courses is contained on our web page, which you can take a look at here www.jplcomputer.co.uk/microsoft-office-training

While we focus our attention primarily for Microsoft training courses in Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Leicestershire and West Midlands you’ll see we sometimes travel further afield.

As mentioned before, Excel training for employers is a great investment in enabling staff to work smarter and much more efficiently when carrying out their work.

For more information on how we as Excel training providers can help improve the productivity of your staff in the workplace using Microsoft Office applications like Excel please contact us on 07903 840105 or email us at johnlegge@jplcomputer.co.uk.