Excel Training Gloucestershire plus an Excel worksheet hint and tip

Excel Training Gloucestershire

Worksheet hint and tip: Excel iconWe are particularly active in Gloucestershire offering on site Excel training. Here at JPL we can offer a range of standard Excel courses ranging from Basic to Master Class and all content can be found on our website. We have also recently developed another Master Class Excel course – there used to be just a Master Class Excel Bronze, but now there is also Master Class Excel Silver!

Excel is a package that is often seen as a basic requirement for a lot of people nowadays when they are applying for a job. Excel is ever increasingly becoming a package that businesses use for storing and analysing data for a number of departments within the company. With the use of Excel becoming more important and integrated within a companies daily work it is becoming ever more important for your knowledge of Excel to be kept up to scratch!

A lot of people would probably class themselves as ‘self taught’, that they have picked up their skills and knowledge in Excel through ‘trial and error’ or by someone mentioning how to do something in passing. This often will get you by unless you need to do something a bit harder or if something goes wrong and you need to fix it!

This is where we come in, we have a number of Excel training courses that we run which you can take a look at details of here. We also offer training in other MS Office courses in Word, Access, Outlook, Project and PowerPoint. You can find details for these here on our website.

For more details of the Excel training Gloucestershire that we offer please contact us on 07903 840105 or feel free email us on johnlegge@jplcomputer.co.uk


Worksheet Hint and Tip – Renaming Worksheets

To finish on we thought we would include a little worksheet hint and tip, you can view more hints and tips on our main Hints and Tips page.

In Excel you can rename the worksheet you are working in. By default the name will be Sheet1, Sheet2, etc. These aren’t very informative and so you can rename them to make more sense!

To rename the worksheet, you can either:

  1. Double click on the current worksheet name and type over the name and hit Enter once you have given it the new name to save it
  2. Right hand click on the worksheet name and select the ‘Rename’ option for the list. Again type over the name and hit Enter once you have given the new name to save it


We hope you liked this worksheet hint and tip, why not take a look at our previous one on the SUM formula in Excel?