Microsoft Office Courses West Midlands – did you suffer in the “heatwave”?

Microsoft Office Courses West Midlands – Did you suffer in the “heatwave”?

Microsoft office courses west midlands: Excel iconWhy not have a go at our relaxing heatwave quiz that we have put together below in Excel?

The heat! It was definitely a topic on most peoples minds and took over a lot of conversations for the last 2 months! There was a lot that the last heatwave gave us and a lot of areas that it had an impact in.

To an extent it was similar to Microsoft Office (I can imagine what you are thinking, bear with us with this analogy!) Microsoft Office has a number of software packages and each package has an impact on peoples lives in a number of ways; in their use at work and also in their personal use at home.

See it wasn’t too bad was it? Ok so that might have been stretching it a little bit, comparing the heatwave to Microsoft Office, but there are some similarities that can be seen between the two.


Try our fun quiz

As we thought that there were some similarities, we thought you may like to try out our fun quiz that we have put together! It will only take you a minute to do in your tea break! It was built using quite a few Excel topics which feature on all of our Excel courses.

Pop us an email and we’ll send the quiz spreadsheet over to you!

Let us know how you do in it (no cheating on Google!)

We hope you enjoy the little challenge we’ve set you.

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If you are intrigued as to how we built the worksheet feel free to drop us an email, we’d be happy to chat about it.


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