Microsoft Training UK – Ten Lesser known features in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Training UK – some lesser known features in Word

microsoft training uk: Word iconMany of you will have been using Word for many years and there have been lots of new feature appear over the years. Maybe this list of our top ten will be helpful to you.

  1. Selecting text – the “triple click” on a word will highlight the whole paragraph
  2. You can create autotext and Quick Parts for short phrases or block text respectively to save time
  3. Screenshots and screen clipping allow you to insert parts of an alternative window on a PC into your Word document
  4. To compare the differences between documents, use Review Compare
  5. The F9 button updates a Table of Contents and Bibliography
  6. Where possible use Heading styles of 1,2,3 so that you can take advantage of Outline numbering and TOC’s
  7. To insert a column break, its hidden away in Page Layout, Breaks
  8. To insert a Watermark into a document, choose Page Layout Tab
  9. In Word 2013 you can do convert a PDF back in to Word
  10. Try Email mail merge marketing from an Excel spreadsheet containing names and email addresses


Mail Merge

Mail Merge is one of the most useful facilities within the Microsoft Office suite of programs and which we will go in to a bit more detail below with more tips on it. We cover mail merge in our Intermediate Word training course.

It is possible to mail merge from Excel into Outlook and Access into Excel as just two examples.

I often start with my data sitting in Excel as a single worksheet. Take for example a customer address list. A list of prospects or customers can be entered as separate rows into Excel with clear column headings e.g. Customer name, address 1, post code etc.

You can then import this list into Outlook as a new set of Outlook contacts or indeed as a new Access table to start off your database.

Excel worksheets are also particularly useful for compiling form letters and producing mailing labels for customers.

They’re real time savers!!


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