Triathlon and Excel – A possible Link? Take a look and find out!


How Many Features in Excel do you recognise in my Triathlon story? –

When I first decided in 2011 to enter my first sprint triathlon I knew I had to get myself sorted and into condition. There is so much data out there about how to train and how much to eat so surely there was sum kind of formula I could match to consolidate my own thoughts into one. My background strength was always the run so I knew that the swim and the cycle would raise some comments as I started to train.

However, with all my connections I had forecast a reasonable first effort.

What surprised me was the advanced array of equipment on the day. My pivotal moment was in transition trying to find my bike amongst so many others looking the same!

As I crossed the finish line all the effort was worthwhile and I managed to lookup to see my time.

Now for rest till next time! This year I am attempting my first half Ironman distance. Fancy joining me?

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Sorted              Sorting is a standard feature on the Data Tab in Excel. You can also access Simple sorts from the Sort    Ascending and sort Descending buttons on that Same ribbon

Condition         A condition is the first part of an IF function which results in either it being True or False

Data                This Tab contains all kinds of features such as Filtering, Sub Totalling, connecting to other packages

SUM                Probably the best known of all formulas. Adds up a range of cells

Match              This feature returns the position in a range of cells matching to the value

Consolidate     On the Data Tab and used to add up typically different sheet ranges of data when laid out in the same way

Background     Purely formatting of the back of the worksheet grid to personalise it

Run                  One the 5 ways to initiate a Macro program is to Run it from the View Macros tab

Comments       Simply right click on a cell to add a description to that cell

Connections    Found on the Data Tab to connect to say a database like Access to read data from it into Excel

Forecast          Again one of the many functions found in the fx area of Excel

Advanced        Found in terms of filtering and allows the AND OR combination of questions to be resolved

Array               A term used I the Match and Index functions to suggest a range of data

Pivotal             Bit cheeky this one as its Pivot really. Relating to a Pivot Table – a brilliant way to analyse data on any which way you like.

Find                 To search for a work or formula use the Home Tab and Find button

Lookup             Used typically as a Vlookup which looks up a value to match to in a table and returns one of its column values

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