Have you seen the Excel 2013 new features that are available?

Excel 2013 new features, have you used them?

Excel 2013 new features: Excel iconAs you get used to Office 2013 there are several what’s new pages available on the Microsoft web site. Many of these new features are web based or cloud based or simply updated graphics.

In our Excel 2013 course, we include a short list of some of the common features that are new in Excel 2013. Of course there are a lot more new features than what we can fit in the list as there are always new features being added, even sometimes on a monthly basis! But the list that we include in our notes is a good start on looking at some of the common new features that are used more often on a daily basis. If you want to see all the new features available, you can keep going on to the Microsoft Website above in the link and see all of the individual updates that they post.

Even though it is useful to keep up to date with the new features that are available in Excel, the main features that are used on a daily basis in Excel can be found in the range of courses that we offer. We offer Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and even a Master Class for those of you that like a challenge!

All of these courses help give you an overview of Excel so that you will be equipped for using Excel on a daily basis in your job roles or even just at home for personal use. There are notes with explanations for terms and different topics within Excel alongside exercises to practice what you have learnt!

Why not take a look at our Excel Training Page that has more details as well as samples of the agendas that we have for each level of the course, which gives you an idea on what would be covered on the days course.

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