Excel Analysis on Lists of Data – how many of these types do you use?

Excel Analysis on Lists of Data

Excel analysis: Excel icon

On every Excel training course we run there is some kind of work we do on Excel lists of data. It may be:

  • Sorting
  • Conditional formatting using formulas or criteria
  • Filtering
  • Sub Totalling
  • Pivot Tabling
  • Removing duplicate errors


Data can be easily stored and manipulated in Excel but there are key setup features you ought to be aware of:

  • Keep your heading on row 1 and all the details on consecutive rows thereafter
  • No blank rows or columns
  • No merged cells


Using these key setup features can make things a lot easier for you within Excel on general day to day use as well as making it easier for you in the future if you need to carry out more advanced analysis on the data. With the data displayed in this certain way, it gives you a good starting point for the more advanced types of data analysis that are available for you to use within Excel.


Hints and Tips

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