Learn Excel Online – Tips for Excel to make your use of this package easier!

Learn Excel online - excel tips: Excel iconLearn Excel Online – how we teach and some Excel tips

Excel is a very useful Microsoft Office package in more ways than one! It is one of the most used packages in lots of businesses but also for people at home in personal use too. With it being so versatile, it is important to learn more about it to have a greater understanding for applying it in work and a home.

Nowadays a lot of people want to learn Excel online, but you can also still learn it in a classroom based environment. This is the main way in which we carry out all of our courses. However, we do also offer a self teach method of learning which combines together our way of teaching with a ‘more online’ medium.


Some Excel Tips:

  1. Quickest way to create a chart sheet is to select the range of cells you want to make a chart from and press F11
  2. To select a whole worksheet worth of data, you select cell A1 and then Control+Shift+End
  3. Sparklines are really simple ‘charts in a cell’. Select a cell and then insert Sparklines and select your range
  4. Use Pivot Table slicer for easy filtering on your PT data


Our selected tip in more detail is – Custom List Sorting in Excel

Most people are used to sorting in Excel alphabetically or numerically but did you know you can sort by your own Custom List Sort Sequence too?

Create a Custom Sort List of data either in the Excel Options screen or when you go into the Data Sort command and change the order to Custom List. Typing a comma separates your list of data and then you can add it to the existing lists. An example would be counties in the UK sorted geographically from north to south.


We hope you liked this hint and tip on some features in Excel, why not take a look at our previous one on flash fill in Excel?


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