Microsoft Office training classes – how JPL can help you learn!

Microsoft Office training classes

“Didn’t like school”
“They all know more than me!”
“Will I keep up?”
“6 hours – how will I focus for that time?”
“Is it just demo’s?”

Well we’ve heard all these comments BEFORE our Microsoft training classes have started but not AFTER they’ve completed!

With over 25 years of training experiences JPL have developed a formula for training that works in a way that means you can take part in a class room based course and be successful.

In particular we use the following techniques and features to make your Microsoft training day successful:

  • Small class sizes
  • Equal abilities in class
  • Interactive training methods – question and answers, use of white board/flip chart
  • Working together in pairs
  • Worked example and frequent exercises
  • Review each topic before moving on to a new one
  • Simple course notes with refresher exercises
  • Hints and tips on web site to consolidate learning

Often going on a course can make some feel daunted and nervous as it brings back memories of school days. What can start out as a great idea to help build up their knowledge and skills for work can suddenly change to become a nightmare and something that they are going to dread!

However here at JPL we always strive to make our courses feel as enjoyable as possible! By using all the ways listed above we have found that attendees of our courses leave feeling a lot happier than when they arrived, wondering “why was I worried about that before?”. We have even had people arrive on a course saying that they hate Excel and leave loving it! (well as much as you can love Excel as a Microsoft Office package!)

Want to know more information on our Microsoft Office training classes? Then get in touch! Feel free to contact us on or by calling us on 07903 840105.

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