PowerPoint Basics Pictures – inserting a picture in a slide

PowerPoint Basics Pictures – how do I insert a picture into a slide in my presentation?

PowerPoint basics pictures: PowerPoint iconThis next hint and tip is looking at inserting pictures in to a slide within the PowerPoint package. This is covered on our Basic PowerPoint training course.


Insert a Picture

There are a couple of ways you can go about doing this which we will go through now.

The first way to go about doing this is through the use of the content box on your slide. Firstly, make sure that the slide layout you have for the slide is Title and Content.

Once you have the slide in the right layout you can now insert a Picture.


First Way – using the picture icon in the content box

The content box on your slide has a number of icons that you can use to insert something in to your slide. We are just for this example going to use the insert picture icon.

In your content box hover over the 4th icon (the word Pictures should appear when you hover over it).

PowerPoint Basics Pictures - first way step 1

Click on this icon and a window will appear. This window takes you to your filing system where you can browse to where the image is stored on your computer. Once you have found the image, select it and then click on Insert to insert it in to your slide.

First way step 2

Once you have done this, you will find that the content box has disappeared and there is now a picture in its place. Here you can re-size the image to the size you need it to be.

First way step 3

Second Way – Using the Insert Tab

The second way to insert a picture is through the use of the Insert Tab.

Insert a new slide and make sure that the slide layout is Title Only.

To insert a picture, firstly click on the Insert Tab and click on the Pictures option on the ribbon. When clicking on this option, a window will appear as it did in the first way where you can follow the same steps to select your picture and insert it.

PowerPoint Basics Pictures - second way step 1

Same as previously, once inserted, you can resize the image and there you have it, you can now insert images in to a PowerPoint presentation!

Once inserted, there are other formatting options you can use (as shown below) for editing your picture.

PowerPoint Basics Pictures - first way step 3

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