Three Simple Excel Tips – have you heard of these before?

Three Simple Excel Tips – there are lots in Excel, but have you heard of these three?
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Whilst training Excel in Worcestershire and Herefordshire recently, we had a good chat on the course with the people attending about shortcuts. There are many in Office let alone Excel, which some know about and some do not.

Shortcuts are often a great way of cutting down on the time it takes you to do something or complete a task. We often include shortcuts in our training courses. It is often stated on our feedback forms by attendees as one of the best parts of the course!

There are many shortcuts in Excel and many ways to achieve the same ends.

It’s what suits you really but here are three not that obvious but really easy to use.

Have a try and let us know what you think.


Three simple Excel tips:

  1. A short cut for putting in the sum formula (Auto sum). Firstly select the cell at bottom of list of numbers and click Alt key then type in = sign. It does the Auto Sum option! You can do it for multiple columns too! First select the cells then do the Alt = again and it does it!
  2. Ctrl+A short cut in Excel. Firstly select any cells in a range, ctrl+a will then select the rest of the cells in that range
  3. Insert blank rows in between a range of data. Firstly select the rows individually through selecting and using the ctrl button on your keyboard. After that, click ctrl key and + sign and it adds in a blank row in between each row


For more hints and tips please visit our web site and the hints and tips page here. Did you like this hint and tip? Why not take a look at our previous one on the Visio add in for Excel?