Excel Visio Add in – a new add in called ‘Visio Data Visualizer’ in Excel

Excel Visio Add in – the new Visio Data Visualizer add-in that has appeared in a recent Microsoft Office update

Excel Visio Add in: Excel iconThis hint is for those people who are Office 365 subscribers and want to know what’s around the corner.


Nowadays most people have the 365 version of Microsoft Office. This version comes with regular updates to the software. This regularly includes fixing any issues/bugs that may have come up. As well as this it also includes any new ‘add-ins’ that might have been developed/created since the last update. There is a whole list of add-ins that are available for you to use within your Excel workbooks, you just need to add them into your workbook by searching for them in the Microsoft Store by clicking on the ‘Get Add-ins’ or ‘Add-ins’ button which is found on the Insert Tab.

If you want to do flowcharts in Microsoft you previously had to buy and use Visio or use the standard sheets and Smart Art diagrams in Excel. Now there is an add in called Visio Data Visualiser/ Here’s a simple screen print of one we’ve done.

You’ll need to see if you are licensed and able to use it but it’s pretty simple.


Steps to use it

Firstly, open Excel and create a new Blank workbook. Select Insert > Get Add-ins or Add-ins. In the Office Add-ins Store, search for “Data Visualizer”, and then select Add. It’s pretty straightforward to use and the refresh button is great. If you want to do more fancy flowcharts you will need a Visio license.

Open the attached Excel workbook here and have a go!

When you click for the Excel workbook, it will allow you to download a copy to your computer to try out. To have a look at the flowchart straight away click on the ‘sign in later option’.


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