Nested IF Statements – using them in your data with other functions

Nested IF statements – how do I create a nested IF statement? Watch the video to learn more

Nested if statements: Excel iconThis week’s hint and tip is about how to use nested IF statements within Excel. This is on our Advanced Excel training course and covers how to create a nested IF statement. The example is also looking at how you can use other functions alongside nested IF statements.  We are going to go through it now below.


Nested IF statements in Excel

We have already looked at IF statements and the parts to it in a previous hint and tip. A nested IF statement is where instead of having a ‘value if false’, you nest in another IF statement. This can be done multiple times for however many ‘outcomes’ you are wanting for your logical test. We are going to have a look below at how they can be used alongside other functions.


Triathlon Excel challenge

Quite often Excel worksheets need to be developed in order to gain a final answer and here is a case in question.

The workbook ‘Triathlon Nested IF’ has multiple columns which show individual functional formulas across the columns.

In this example we use the following functions:

    • SUM
    • RANK
    • IF
    • IFS

Each one is explained in the video and the final answer (what medal) is shown at the far right hand side.

This method allows you to see how each formula works in isolation before the cell containing that formula is then used in the next function.

We have given 3 ways of showing the medal:

    • Nested IF
    • IFS

Clearly all work but we like to think the new XLOOKUP is the most versatile and shortest to generate.


Take a look below at the video to find out more!

We hope you have enjoyed this hint and tip, why not take a look at our previous one on sorting?


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