Quick Parts in Word – how to use them to save you time in documents

Quick Parts in Word – how do I use them in Word to same time in my documents? Watch the video to learn more

Quick Parts in Word - Word icon​This week’s hint and tip is about how to create a quick part and then how using it can save you time in creating documents. This is on our Basic Word training course and it covers where this option is found and how to use it. We are going to go through it now below.


Where is it found and how to create a Quick Part

The quick parts option is found on the Insert Tab on the right hand side of the ribbon.

To create a quick part in Word, firstly type out the text that you want in your quick part. If you want an image to go alongside it then also insert this in to your document. Now highlight all the text and the image and click on the quick parts button on the Insert Tab. From here select the option to save selection to the building blocks organiser. This will bring up a box where you will be able to give your quick part a name and a description if you wish to. Leave all the other options as they are and click OK. This will have now created your quick part in Word.

Important Note: when you finally close down Word a message with come up asking if you want to save the changes made to Building Blocks. Make sure you click Save at this point as it is asking if you want the Quick Part to be saved to be able to be used in the future.


Inserting the Quick Part into your document

To insert a quick part into a Word document first go to the Insert Tab. From here click on the quick parts option and select your quick part from the drop down menu. This will now have inserted it into your document. If your quick part is not there don’t worry, just go down to the ‘Building Blocks Organiser’ option in the list. From here you can sort it by name and scroll down to find your quick part. Select it and then click Insert. This will have now inserted it into your document.


The video below shows you how to create a quick part and then how to then insert the quick part once created into your Word document. Quick parts can save a lot of time when creating documents and you can create as many as you might need.

Take a look below at the video to find out more and then try it out on your own computer!

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