Making remote learning fun – how to adapt to a new way of learning

Making remote learning fun for your attendeesRemote learning fun: scrabble learn photo

The art of communication in all parts of life is one which has to be developed, nurtured and doesn’t come easy to many.

Knowing one’s subject inside out doesn’t mean you have the skill to convey that across to an audience.

I’ve spent a career in training in IT. Before that I was learning how computers could form a fundamental role in making companies work more efficiently. I’ve had the pleasure and honour to train over 12,000 people of all ages and all experiences in all market sectors. Believe me it’s not all been plain sailing so I’ve learned to listen to comments, feedback and questions to help me improve.

Over the last few months I’ve had to move more into the arena of remote or virtual training. Seeing people or sometimes just hearing their voice require yet other skills in terms of communicating my message.


Some tips on making remote learning fun

Here’s just a few tips which may help you engage your trainees in a memorable session when running training courses. These could be via Webex, Teams or whatever suits you:

    • Plan in advance, send all materials and check they’ve been received and are ready to use
    • Check with trainees that their mic/webcam/speakers are in good operational order
    • Start off with a real ‘rabbit out of the hat’ moment
    • Have regular breaks of around 10 mins. Sitting down is a killer for my back and posture
    • Ensure it’s personal, speak to individuals, sense out their level of ability. Make them feel they are the only one on the room (in this case currently the virtual room!)
    • Don’t rush, allow time for exercises
    • Use humour, share stories
    • Review constantly the content, ask questions to check it has sunk in
    • Promote the next steps
    • Share YouTube videos/blogs you’ve written or someone has. We blog and video a lot on our hints and tips page and our YouTube Channel.
    • Praise, encourage and stimulate

So enjoy your planned training session and it will rub off on your trainees.

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