Excel tips: Sparklines in Excel – what are they and how do you use them?

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Excel tips: taking a look at Sparklines in Excel

This week we are bringing you a hint and tip in Excel on Sparklines!



Sparklines is a feature within Excel that can be useful however it is sometimes looked over as it is either not known about or isn’t known how to actually use it in Excel! So because of this, we decided to do a post on what they are and also how to actually use them in Excel.


To make it easier to show this, we decided to do a video blog again to give you a more visual way of demonstrating how to use it. You can see this video below and it shows you how to use Sparklines in Excel.

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Just watched the video? What are your thoughts? We always love to hear what you think about our hints and tips, do you prefer the video style of the hint and tip to a text based one? Or would you prefer a mix? Let us know!

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