MS Excel Course – looking at the 2 arguments of VLOOKUP!

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MS Excel course – looking at the VLOOKUP function and the different arguments available

This week we are bringing you a hint and tip on the VLOOKUP function in Excel. VLOOKUPs are a very useful function in Excel and we cover them in a few of our Excel courses with one being our Master Class Excel Bronze training course.


VLOOKUP Function

The VLOOKUP function. It is a function that a lot of people either use or want to know how to use! It is a very useful function that can be a very powerful tool for you in your work and can save a lot of time in linking spreadsheets! With some functions in Excel, you can sometimes kind of muddle through and work out how they work (roughly!), however the VLOOKUP function has a bit more to it and so is a bit harder to just ‘pick up’ by yourself.

As the VLOOKUP function is a bit more advanced, we thought that we would do a video explaining how it works! Following written instructions is a good way of learning how to do something, but sometimes hearing the steps being explained verbally makes it a bit simpler to follow!

Below is a video of how to use the VLOOKUP function with both the TRUE and FALSE arguments. The video will take you through each step as we type in the VLOOKUP function in Excel explaining what we do and why.

If you liked the video above, do let us know! We always like to have feedback from anyone who has looked at a hint and tip of ours. Why not take a look at our previous post on Excel tips to help you learn Excel?

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