INSERT Tab A look at the new design of the on Excel 2016/Office 365

INSERT Tab on Excel 2016/Office 365

Insert Tab screen shot

The Insert Tab is the one which has changed the most.

Here is a summary of the new features which can now be achieved using this Tab.



Entering data and then creating a Table means you get sorting and filtering and design options as part of the deal. Simply type in your data and then click Table. See below for an example.

Table screen shot insert tab

Headers and Footers

The process of inserting a header or and a footer hasn’t changed, but where you find it has. This option is now located under the ‘Text’ button on the far right hand side of the Insert Tab.

Header and Footer screen shot insert tab

Recommended Pivot Tables

With this option you get some sample ready made Pivot Table layouts which may be suitable for your data. See below for an example.

Pivot Table screen shot


There are now several options to introduce colourful graphic/pictures into your worksheets. See below for an example.

Illustrations screen shot insert tab

Add Ins

Store and Add ins lets you introduce a useful app to use in Excel. An example is the percentage calculator. Simply search the Store and Insert and Use. See below for the ‘What % of’ example.

What % Of Add In insert tab

Bing Maps (Add Ins)

This allows you to see locations on a map with corresponding data. See below for an example.

Bing Maps screen shot insert tab

Maps (Charts Section)

This allows you to see a map chart of your data. See below for an example.

Maps Charts screen shot insert tab

3D Maps

This facility allows you to create a geographical tour in 3D on your data. See below for a simple example.

Here’s the Excel data:

3D map data screen shot insert tab

Here’s the 3D map:

3D Map screen shot insert tabIt can be get quite involved including creating a video of your tour.


This feature allows you to create a sparkline (chart in a cell) of the data. See below for an example.

Sparklines screen shot insert tab


Slicers and Timelines in Pivot Tables

These features are an alternative to filtering. See below for an example.

Slicers screen shot insert tab


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