JPL Training – Microsoft Office Training, are you new to Excel?

JPL Training – some basic hints and tips in Excel

JPL Training: Excel iconExcel is a very useful package but it can be seen as daunting for people to start to learn in.

If you are new to Excel you may find the following features of help in getting to know the new product.


Some basic Excel hint and tips

  • New add Worksheet button (to the right of the sheets at bottom) this button is a + symbol
  • QAT (Quick Access Toolbar). This can be configured simply at top of screen to hold your most commonly used commands. To do this, you need to click on the little drop down arrow next to the QAT
  • Excel Options. This can now be found on the File Tab. When you click on this Tab, the screen changes and at the bottom of the left hand side list the ‘Excel Options’ can be found
  • Auto Calculate. This allows you to calculate SUM, MIN, MAX, AVERAGE etc all in one go on the Status bar at the bottom of the screen (just right click)
  • Formula Bar. This is now 3 lines deep
  • Screen Tips and Help (F1). This is much more useful than it used to be. There is more variation in what type of help they offer you on the topics
  • Creating your own Tab. There are a number of Tabs already there in Excel along the top of the screen, File, Insert, etc. These are the standard ones that are built in to the Microsoft Office packages. You are able to create your own Tab so that you can add some common features that you use all the time to save you some time. To create it, you right have click on the ribbon and select the ‘Customise the Ribbon’ option. Here you use the ‘New Tab’ button and can build up your tab with ‘Groups’ and then add commands across to under these groups

Hopefully these have helped you in your journey of learning and using Excel! If you want to know any more about JPL training, please do get in touch on 07903 840105 or by email on

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