Microsoft Courses – Five things you may not have used in Word

Microsoft Courses – Five things you may not have used in Microsoft Word before!

microsoft courses: Word iconWord is a useful Microsoft Office package and there are lots of areas to learn something new within it. Here are five things you might not have known about previously:

  1. A tick bullet point. A tick bullet point is now an option under the bullet points button. However, it didn’t always used to be! If the option to have a tick as a bullet point isn’t available to you follow these steps to do it. To create a bullet tick change font to Windings 2 and then do a Shift P – hey presto a tick!
  2. Autotext. To save you time use Autotext. File, options, Proofing, Auto correct options and choose to replace a phrase with a short acronym. E.g. you can create fyi as autotext to show ‘for your information’
  3. Quick parts. A Quick part is used for block text or graphics like your address with a logo. To use this option, type out the information you want as a quick part, highlight it and then go to Insert Tab and Quick Parts option and select the option to save to quick part gallery. It will then be there for you to insert at a later date.
  4. Styles. There are many Styles that you can use within Word. Look at the Style area on the Home Tab. Try typing your name in to a document, highlight it and then change to Heading 1 by selecting it. You can see what the style will look like on the text that you have selected by hovering your mouse over the style before
  5. Compare documents. A really useful feature in the Review Tab in word 2010 is Compare which allows the comparing of original and revised documents showing the differences. A ‘cut down’ version of this is comparing text styles on the Reveal Formatting Pane.

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