Microsoft Office 2013 – new features for you to use in your work

Microsoft Office 2013 – similar to 2010 but with some added new features

microsoft office 2013: Excel iconWhen you first see Microsoft Office 2013 or indeed Office 365 (the on line version) you may think there is not much difference to Office 2010. Certainly the existing features are kept, the tabs and ribbons remain the same but new features are added particularly in Excel.

One new really good feature in Excel 2013 is called Quick Analysis. This button appears in the bottom right hand corner when you select a set of data and it allows you to easily do any of the following actions:

  • Conditionally format the data that you have just selected
  • Create a chart and easily add Chart elements, Styles and Filter your dataset
  • Add Sparklines to your data in the spreadsheet
  • Create Totals for the specific data that you have selected

Even though there are a lot of good new features in Excel, there are lots of new features within the other Microsoft Office packages.

One example is the Presenter view in PowerPoint. This view allows the presenter to see on part of their screen the slide that is up on the projector screen that the audience can see and then on the other part this presenter view which shows the next slide that will come up and any notes that have been assigned to the current slide.

Another example is the reading pane option within Word. This view is useful if your find reading word documents tiring as it makes the view more like that of a reading book. As well as this reading pane more, there is also an option to convert a PDF document in to a Word document to make editing it easier.

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